Submission Guidelines

2016 Submission Periods

All submissions through Submittable

  • Feb-April (publishing mid-May)
  • June-July (publishing mid-August)
  • Sept-Oct (publishing mid-November)

Important Information

  • Read our past issues to see what we like.
  • We pay $10/contributor via PayPal.
  • If we publish you, wait one calendar year before submitting again.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine, just keep us in the loop. Withdraw your work (congrats!) or leave us a comment in Submittable.
  • Previously published work cannot be considered (this include blogs, Facebook, Wattpad, etc).
  • We retain first serial rights on work we accept and then all rights revert to the author. If the work is reprinted, we ask that Third Point Press be acknowledged as the place of initial publication.

Expedited Reading ($7)

If you use the expedited reading option in Submittable for poetry or fiction, we’ll put your work at the very top of our reading pile. You won’t get anything more than that (no preferential treatment, no instant acceptance). Think of it as a way of patting us on the back while satisfying that urge to avoid waiting in line.

Feedback Option ($5)

You can also choose the feedback option when submitting. This simply ensures that we will provide our thoughts explaining what we liked, didn’t like, and thought could be improved on in your work.


  • Send a single short story up to 5,000 words or up to 3 flash pieces (each of which should not exceed 1,000 words).
  • Choose a standard font and don’t do anything crazy with formatting unless it’s central to the experience of the piece.
  • Do your best to proofread your piece before sending. If it’s full of mistakes we’re more likely to give up on reading the whole way through, which is a shame for everyone.
  • Submit all of your work in a single file, and clearly identify each title in the title area of Submittable (Title A/Title B/Title C.).


  • Send up to 5 poems in a standard font.
  • Submit all of your poems in a single file, and clearly identify each title in the title area of Submittable (Title A/Title B/Title C.).
  • Make sure to check your work for errors. This is even more important with poetry. We want your work to look exactly like you mean it to look.


  • We try to pair our stories and poetry with a strong visual, and we’d like those to come from you.
  • Our only requirements are that the work belongs to you, and that it comes to us in 970×970.

Everything Else

Not quite sure where your piece fits? We’ll determine who on our team is best suited to considering it (maybe all of us) and let you know. Everything else: prose that might be a poem but maybe not, a visual piece that has words and is meant to be read, creative nonfiction, video, audio, whatever.